Next Steps for your new FAIR accounts

Below are instructions for enrolling in online banking and the Next Steps documents to finish the opening of your FAIR account(s).

  • Next Steps accounts. Please check these out to make sure you know what comes next with getting your accounts ready for use!

  • Account Number. After your account is approved, you can sign back into your application to view your account number and save/print a deposit slip if you wish. You can access your application within 30 days by clicking the links below and can find your confirmation number in your email from Sunrise Banks on the day you started your application. If more than 30 days has passed, you will need to contact Sunrise Banks directly to get your account number.

    Checking and Savings- Saved application

    Credit Builder- Saved application

Contacts for Assistance

If you are still waiting for your account to open, try the Prepare + Prosper team

If your account is open, call Sunrise Banks for servicing the account